HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine

HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine

hdpe pe pipe production line manufacturer Sai machine tools

SAI MACHINE TOOLS specialises in providing comprehensive turnkey production lines for all PE material: LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, pipe manufacturing. Our HDPE pipe machines boast of a wide range of high-capacity main extruders, At SAI MACHINE TOOLS, we also offer complete sets of tooling for various pipe classes, including PN (Pressure Nominal) and SDR (Standard Dimension Ratio), meeting the industry requirements. Our production lines are available in a wide range of configurations which enable the seamless production of PE pipes ranging from 16mm to 1200mm in diameter (with different machine models).

hdpe pe pipe production line manufacturer Sai machine tools

Looking for a reliable sources of HDPE multi-layer twin downline extrusion system?

No further than Sai Machine Tools Pvt Ltd (SMT)

Our pipe plants which are made of the best possible material facilitate processes to ensure top-notch quality products. Our HDPE multi-layer twin line plant is more than just a production facility. It’s a testament to our commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellence. With our new HDPE multi-layer twin line plant, we’re better equipped than anyone else to meet the needs of our customers.

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HDPE machine highlights

– Main Extruder screw diameter       :    65mm, 75mm, 90mm and 120mm

– Coating extruder screw diameter :    45mm, 65mm and 75mm. (for three layer)

– Pipe range                                             :    16mm to 1200mm

– Output capacity                                  :    150kg/hr-1200kg/hr. (max.)

Sai Machine Tools HDPE PE Pipe Production Line: A Feature-Packed Powerhouse for Efficiency and Quality

– Requires low space both lengthwise and width wise (180FeetX15Feet).

– 16 to 19 tonnes per day production in 63, 75, 90, 110mm dia pipe coil.

– Electrical production cost 0.25 to 0.27 units per KG. (Guaranteed).

– Low manpower required.

– Fully weight controlled and automated plant.

– Can use 80% to 90% RP (reprocessing material) guaranteed.

– Fully digitally controlled plant to help find labour, electrical and production cost per kilogram.

Twin Line HDPE Extruder
twin lile pipe cooling tank by SMT
Twin Line Tank
HDPE Tip Table

Unlocking Precision: A Deep Dive into the Specifications of Sai Machine Tools' Single Layer HDPE Machine

MODELLayerScrew Dia (MM)L:D RatioMain Motor (KW)Max. Output (Kg/Hr.)Pipe Range (MM)
SMT-65X30-HD-110SINGLE LAYER6533:013715016-110
SMT-75X30-HD-110SINGLE LAYER7533:0155, 75200, 30020-110
SMT-75X30-HD-200SINGLE LAYER7533:0155, 75200, 30020-200
SMT-75X30-HD-250SINGLE LAYER7533:01110, 160400, 50063-250
SMT-75X30-HD-315SINGLE LAYER7533:01110, 160400, 50063-315
SMT-75X30-HD-450SINGLE LAYER7533:01110, 160400, 500110-450
SMT-75X30-HD-630SINGLE LAYER7540:01200750250-630
SMT-75X30-HD-710SINGLE LAYER7540:01200750315-710
SMT-90X30-HD-200SINGLE LAYER9033:01110, 160450, 60050-200
SMT-90X30-HD-250SINGLE LAYER9033:01110, 160450, 60063-250
SMT-90X30-HD-315SINGLE LAYER9033:01110, 160450, 60063-315
SMT-90X30-HD-450SINGLE LAYER9033:01110, 160450, 600110-450
SMT-90X30-HD-630SINGLE LAYER9033:01160600250-630
SMT-90X30-HD-710SINGLE LAYER9033:01160600315-710
SMT-120X30-HD-1200SINGLE LAYER12038:013551200500-1200
Aforesaid Machine Models may vary due to customised requirement and continuous R&D.

Unlocking the Full Potential: Mastering the Technical Blueprint of Sai Machine Tools' Multi-Layer HDPE PE Pipe Production Line

MODELLayerScrew Dia (MM)L:D RatioMain Motor (KW)Max. Output (Kg/Hr.)Pipe Range (MM)
SMT-65X45X45X30HD-110THREE LAYER ABC TYPE65+45+4533:137+7.5+1118016-110
SMT-75X45X45X30HD-110THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+45+4533:175+11+1535020-110
SMT-75X45X45X30HD-200THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+45+4533:175+11+1535020-200
SMT-75X45X45X30HD-250THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+45+4533:175+11+1535063-250
SMT-75X45X45X30HD-315THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+45+4533:1110+15+1845063-315
SMT-75X45X45X30HD-450THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+45+4533:1110+15+18450110-450
SMT-75X65X65X30HD-250THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+45+4533:1110+45+4560063-250
SMT-75X65X65X30HD-315THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+65+6540:1200+45+4580063-315
SMT-75X65X65X30HD-450THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+65+6540:1200+45+45800110-450
SMT-75X65X65X30HD-560THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+65+6540:1200+45+45800250-560
SMT-75X65X65X30HD-710THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+65+6540:1200+45+45800315-710
SMT-90X45X45X30HD-200THREE LAYER ABC TYPE75+65+6533:1160+15+1860020-200
SMT-90X45X45X30HD-315THREE LAYER ABC TYPE90+45+4533:1160+15+1860063-315
SMT-90X45X45X30HD-450THREE LAYER ABC TYPE90+45+4533:1160+15+18600110-450
SMT-90X65X65X30HD-710THREE LAYER ABC TYPE90+65+6533:1160+45+45800450-710
SMT-120X65X65X30HD-1200THREE LAYER ABC TYPE120+65+6538:1355+45+451200500-1200
Aforesaid Machine Models may vary due to customised requirement and continuous R&D.


HDPE Extruder

Explore the efficiency of our HDPE pipe extrusion machine

top quality die head by sai machine tools

Die Head

SMT pipe making machine manufacturer present top quality Diehead for best extrusion line.

twin lile pipe cooling tank by SMT

Twin Line Vacuum Tank

SMT cooling tank and vacuum tank for PE,PVC and PPR pipelines. Order Now!

hdpe haul off by sai machine tools

Haul off

Haul Offs (Pipe pulling machine) for LDPE, HDPE and PVC pipelines.

sai machine tools pipe cutter

HDPE Cutter

HDPE, PVC, PE and Irrigation pipe cuttersmade in India by – SMT

tip table for hdpe pipe cuttings

Tip Table

SMT presents you with reliable tip tables for pipe plants for managing pipe extruding process

HDPE pipe coiler

HDPE Coiler

With our modern automatic coiler for HDPE pipes, discover productivity. Streamline your business processes – find out more now!

HDPE pipe friction welding machine

Friction Welding Machine

Discover the easiest way to operate HDPE pipe friction welding machines.Learn More!

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Proven Leadership

With over three decades of expertise, guided by Mr. Ashok Jaiswal, SMT leads the industry in innovation and growth, with a global reach exporting 30% of our products.

Global Presence

SMT’s advanced production facilities, coupled with 3000+ global installations, guarantee top-tier products, all crafted under one roof for quality control.

Technical Excellence

Led by Technical Director, Mr. Vishal Jaiswal, our proficient team ensures each product reflects quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.

Quality Material

Our commitment to quality starts with the materials we use. We source only the finest materials, guaranteeing durable and reliable products.

Expert Installation

Our skilled technicians handle the installation process, ensuring seamless integration of our machines into your operations.

Comprehensive Training

We don’t just deliver machines; we empower you with the knowledge to operate them effectively. We offer thorough training until you’re confident and capable.

Stringent Testing

Every machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability before it reaches your facility.

Complete Customer Support

Your success is our priority. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues you may have.

Reliable Machine Servicing

We believe in building lasting relationships. Our machine servicing ensures that your equipment continues to perform optimally throughout its lifecycle.

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