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SMT extrusion
Round Drip Extruder

Discover our line of state-of-the-art round drip irrigation pipe extrusion machines. Find out more!

Flat Drip Extruder

Invest in productivity with our innovative flat inline drip machines. Learn more today!

Dripper sorting machine

Explore our most advanced drip sorting machine that comes with a low power consumption feature.

Flat Drip Autostation Coiler

Fully automatic coiler for drip irrigation pipe machines to increase your productivity.

Drip Tube Coiler

Our semi-automatic round drip coiler will reduce your hassle and organise your process effectively

Perforation Device

Punching unit works as a main part of a drip line extrusion machine by making holes in the drip tube with perfect measurement.

SMT extrusion
PPR Extruder

Experience our advanced and easy to operate PPR and PE pipe extrusion line.

HDPE Extruder

Explore the efficiency of our HDPE pipe extrusion machine

Twin Line HDPE Extruder

Discover precision and efficiency with our Industry transforming SMT Multilayer Twin Line HDPE Pipe Extruder. Know more!

Twin Line Vacuum/Cooling Tank

SMT cooling tank and vacuum tank for PE,PVC and PPR pipelines. Order Now!

Tip Table

SMT presents you with reliable tip tables for HDPE pipe plant for managing HDPE pipes

HDPE Coiler

With our modern automatic coiler for HDPE pipes, discover productivity. Streamline your business processes – find out more now!

SMT extrusion
RPVC/PVC Extruder

Explore top-quality RPVC extrusion machines with the automatic twin-screw technology that is sure to meet all your needs.


Explore the high output of our conical twin screw extruder today!

Single Screw RPVC Extruder

Unlock precision and efficiency with our state-of-the-art single screw RPVC pipeline making machine. Know more today!

PVC Compound Mixture

Our PVC compound mixture machine makes mixtures the best consistency and constitution. The machine is made with stainless steel with ensures a lot of strength and durability for you.

Soft PVC Garden Tubing

Discover HMI interface with our advanced soft PVC garden pipe making machine. Learn more!

Soft PVC braided hose

Explore the advanced features of our Nylon Braided Hose Pipe Making Machine. Learn more!

PVC Suction Hose Extruder

Optimize effective design with our advanced suction hose pipe extrusion system. Learn more

SMT extrusion
Rain Pipe MultiPipe Extruder

Upgrade your LDPE pipe making machine plant with our rain pipe extrusion line which is superior in every way. Learn more today.

Blown Film

With our state-of-the-art multilayer blown film machine, discover innovative packaging solutions that unleash exceptional film manufacturing.

SMT extrusion
SMT Shredder

Discover our very low power consuming shredder machine to lower your pipe production costs—learn more today!

SMT Conveyor

Discover the effecient design of our plastic conveyor machine learn more today!

SMT Grinder

Get recycling with our revolutionising waste plastic grinder. Order today!

Shraedder, Conveyor, Grinder

Explore advanced Shradder, conveyor, grinder machines – Click to learn more!

pelletizing machine

Explore plastic recycling plant cost with advanced pelletizing plant machines

SMT extrusion
Die Head

SMT pipe making machine manufacturer present top quality Diehead for best extrusion line.

Four Jaw Haul Off

Haul Offs (Pipe pulling machine) for LDPE, HDPE and PVC pipelines..

Twin Line Cooling/Vacuum Tank

SMT cooling tank and vacuum tank for PE,PVC and PPR pipelines. Order Now!


HDPE, PVC, PE and Irrigation pipe cuttersmade in India by – SMT

Socketing Machine

Discover seamless PVC pipe socketing technology with our line of machines. Click to Learn More!

 Slotting Machine

Discover our highly efficient PVC pipe slotting machine today.

 HDPE Pipe Friction Welding Machine

Discover the easiest way to operate HDPE pipe friction welding machines. Learn More!


Automatic drip Accumulator helps in extrusion of flat drip line extrusion


Agglomerator converts thin waste particles into ball shape for further processes. know more!


SMT pipe coiler for all kind of flexible pipe lines. Learn More!

Tip Table

SMT presents you with reliable tip tables for pipe plants for managing pipe extruding process

Fast Perforating Device

Fast perforating device which is used in preparing holes in drip tubes

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