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Drip Irrigation Pipe Machinery Solutions : Advanced Technology

Drip pipe manufacturing machines – that craft precise, water-saving pipes for optimal crop growth. At Sai Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd, we take immense pride in our position as a leading manufacturer of top-tier Drip Irrigation Extrusion Lines. With over 32 years of industry expertise and an unwavering commitment to innovation, we have become the trusted partner for businesses worldwide seeking efficient and reliable solutions for their drip irrigation needs.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Efficiency Our Drip Irrigation Extrusion Lines are at the forefront of technology, featuring a cutting-edge PLC control system. This advanced system ensures precision and accuracy, resulting in increased efficiency in the production process. It is equipped with fully automated features, guaranteeing enhanced productivity while maintaining minimal power consumption, at just 0.27 units per kilogram of product.

Flat Drip Pipe Manufacturing Machine: Unveiling Efficiency at Unmatched Prices

Sai Machine Tools proudly introduces India’s most advanced flat drip tube extrusion system, which is fully based on a PLC control system. This state-of-the-art system is equipped with fully automated features, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency, all while consuming minimal power at just 0.27 units per kilogram.

Our flat drip pipe plant is designed to be a top-speed production line capable of inserting and perforating up to 700 drippers per minute. With a remarkable line speed of 220 meters of pipe per minute, it ensures swift and seamless operations. Additionally, the system incorporates an automatic coiler that facilitates efficient coiling of the flat drip tubes.

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SMT flat drip machine features

– Barrier/ Shear ring Screw Design for Homogeneous melt for longer period.

– PLC Based machine- 500 Drippers/ Min.

– 200- 2000 mm Dripper Spacing.

– Perforation Capacity for Longer Period.

– Single / Multilayer Tube.

– Perforation Unit- 500 Drippers/ Min.

– Perforation Unit with Visual Inspection and Control.

– Auto Coiler with Synchronised Traversing.

– Auto Pipe cut and Changeover.

– Power Consumption- 0.27 Unit/ Kg.

– Line Speed – 220 MPM.

Flat Drip Extruder
drip pipe manufacturing machine
Flat Drip Machine
ModelLayerMax. Output (Kgs/Hr)Dripper Insertion Speed/Min.Die HeadPerforation UnitLine Speed (MPM)Double Station CoilerTotal Connected Load (Kw)Space LXWXH (Mtrs)
SMT-75X20-FDSINGLE200700CROSS HEAD-SINGLE LAYER1 or 2 HOLES2201000 Mtr Coil15045X8X5
SMT-75X45X20-FDTHREE (ABA)220700CROSS HEAD-THREE LAYER1 or 2 HOLES2201000 Mtr Coil16045X8X5
SMT-75X45X45X20-FDTHREE (ABC)250700CROSS HEAD-THREE LAYER1 or 2 HOLES2201000 Mtr Coil17045X8X5

Round Drip Pipe Manufacturing Machine: Unlocking High-Speed Production, Price-Competitive Value

Introducing the state-of-the-art Round Drip Tube Extrusion line by Sai Machine Tools,a precursor to innovation to India’s manufacturing landscape. This advanced plant boasts of cutting-edge features and a sophisticated PLC control system, setting it apart as the pinnacle of technological innovation. With a focus on automation, our Round Drip Pipe Plant offers a comprehensive range of fully automated functions, ensuring maximum efficiency and convenience.

The Round Drip Pipe Plant has been meticulously crafted as a high-speed production line, setting new benchmarks in productivity. With an impressive capacity to insert and perforate up to 500 drippers per minute, this plant ensures optimal performance and seamless operation. Imagine the possibilities of achieving more in less time.

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SMT  round drip machine features

– Extruder – 75mm.

– Quick Drill Depth Adjustment.

– Operation by Servo Motor.

– Easy Integration with Existing Line.

– Energy Efficient- No Air Jets.

– Maintenance free.

– Single / Multilayer Tube.

Round Drip Machine
ModelLayerMax. Output (Kgs/Hr)Dripper Insertion Speed/Min.Die HeadPerforation UnitLine Speed (MPM)Double Station CoilerTotal Connected Load (Kw)Space LXWXH (Mtrs)
SMT-75X20-RDSINGLE200500CROSS HEAD-SINGLE LAYER2 or 4 HOLES100500 Mtr Coil14440X8X5
SMT-75X45X20-RDABA220500CROSS HEAD-THREE LAYER2 or 4 HOLES100500 Mtr Coil15540X8X5
SMT-75X45X45X20-RDABC250500CROSS HEAD-THREE LAYER2 or 4 HOLES100500 Mtr Coil16640X8X5


round drip irrigation pipe extrusion machine line

Round Drip Extruder

Discover our state-of-the-art line of round drip irrigation pipe extrusion machines. Find out more!

flat inline drip machine

Flat Drip Extruder

Invest in productivity with our innovative flat inline drip machine. Learn more today!

top quality die head by sai machine tools

Die Head

SMT pipe making machine manufacturer present top quality Diehead for best extrusion line.

Dripper Sorting Machine

Explore our most advanced drip sorting machine with low power consuption feature.

sai machine tools vacuum tank for plastic pipes

Vacuum/Cooling Tank

SMT cooling tank and vacuum tank for PE,PVC and PPR pipelines. Order Now!

drip pipe punching unit

Punching Unit

Punching unit is works as a main part of a drip machine whis makes hole in drip tube with perfect measurement.

drip tube dual coiler by sai machine tools

Drip Coiler

Round drip coiler is semi automatic which helps you in wrapping drip tube and make it in bundle.

flat drip auto station coiler


HDPE, PVC, PE and Irrigation pipe cuttersmade in India by – SMT

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With over three decades of expertise, guided by Mr. Ashok Jaiswal, SMT leads the industry in innovation and growth, with a global reach exporting 30% of our products.

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SMT’s advanced production facilities, coupled with 3000+ global installations, guarantee top-tier products, all crafted under one roof for quality control.

Technical Excellance

Led by Technical Director, Mr. Vishal Jaiswal, our proficient team ensures each product reflects quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology.

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Our commitment to quality starts with the materials we use. We source only the finest materials, guaranteeing durable and reliable products.

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Our skilled technicians handle the installation process, ensuring seamless integration of our machines into your operations.

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We don’t just deliver machines; we empower you with the knowledge to operate them effectively. We offer thorough training until you’re confident and capable.

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Every machine undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability before it reaches your facility.

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Your success is our priority. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues you may have.

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We believe in building lasting relationships. Our machine servicing ensures that your equipment continues to perform optimally throughout its lifecycle.

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